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The Student Council is the formal body that represents the voice and views of the Academy’s student population; it is centred on positive action. Many of our student council sessions start off with discussion, but we like to see an end result which improves the working life of students in the Academy.

Every Tutor group in the school has a student council representative. It is the responsibility of the representative to create good communication between the student body and the senior leadership team. The representatives meet as year teams on a fortnightly basis. We have found that frequent meetings lead to a more proactive council.

Over the last year, the Student Council have been responsible for the following;

  • Year 11 Prom
  • Disco’s for Year 7 and Year 8
  • Consultation process to improve the quality of food for students
  • Two talent shows
  • A spreadsheet for students to improve learning
  • A conference where they trained other schools in restorative justice
  • A video about respect
  • A non uniform day for Comic Relief
  • A video to inform new Year 6 students about BBA
  • A set of student nominated awards for staff

We hope to organise much more in the coming year!