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Mr J Jones


Mrs v boynton


Vice Principal

Miss J Cusack

Assistant Principal

Mr S jones

Assistant Principal


Assistant Principal

Mr E thomas

Assistant Principal

MRS L Coles

Associate Assistant Principal

Mrs l roscoe

Associate Assistant Principal


Associate Assistant Principal

Associate Assistant Principal
MR T Leahy

Associate Assistant Principal
MR c Clements



Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs S Limb

Senior Operations Manager


The roles and responsibilities for members of SLT are tightly linked to the five Core Aims. Progress towards each Core Aim is measured every 50 and 100 days. Whilst there are other aspects of responsibility for each member of SLT, the key priority is to achieve the Core Aims and mobilise Project Teams to accelerate improvement.

There are a series of Leadership principles that guide how SLT are expected to exhibit:

  1. To balance strong, traditional line management to inspire, support and challenge improvement, with a deep investment in releasing potential through supporting and developing collaboration through networks. It is in these wide and diverse groups that projects and conversations enable the Academy to be agile and dynamic; enabling the academy to do things differently and create the future.
  2. Generate and secure urgency for improvement, by linking to WHY and describing the outcome to be achieved – the vision.
  3. Lead through others: as leaders we set direction and destination and support others to find the HOW and the WHAT. We create vertical influence and opportunity for staff.
  4. Leaders should seek to have a 1.8 to 2.3 level of impact.
  5. We grow bright spots – positive deviant behaviours that already exist in the Academy – we connect staff to share good practice to generate greater consistency.
  6. We are academic, professional and rigorous with what we do. We have a wide perspective, informed through research to measure what we do – we do more of what works.
  7. Keep it simple; nothing should be more complicated than it needs to be. Academy improvement is about getting a few things right and not straying from our core purpose.