Why learn languages?

MFL is an exciting subject that opens up the rest of the world to you. It allows you to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Having a GCSE in a foreign language has always been a great asset when it comes to applying to universities and ensuring better job prospects. Employers have come to value language skills, recognising their crucial importance even more so in today's global economy. Above all learning and being successful in a language is challenging but fun and very rewarding.

It is the aim of all MFL teachers at Bristol Brunel Academy to provide all students with the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of other languages and cultures. As enthusiastic learners of languages ourselves, we strive to pass on our passion for languages to our students.

We believe that learning languages helps make the world a friendlier place by understanding other countries and other values.

In the modern global world, where we come into contact with different languages and cultures all the time, the need for learning languages has never been greater.




In Years 7 and 8, students study either French or Spanish. We have a skills based curriculum which is supported by various resources including Mira Textbooks for Spanish and Expo Textbooks for French.


KS4 Options

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students are encouraged to study GCSE French or Spanish. We follow the AQA syllabus. 


In Year 9, students also have the opportunity of discovering France/Spain for themselves by participating in residential trips. In recent years we have travelled to Paris, Barcelona and Madrid, giving the students an opportunity to explore new places, try new foods and experience different cultures.


More information is available through our Languages curriculum booklet please click here to view or download a copy.

To visit the BBA Languages Website Click Here