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How can I support my child with their homework?

We would like to thank you in advance for your support with implementing our homework system.  At Bristol Brunel we believe that good quality homework is integral to supporting learning.  Research shows that retrieval practice (on which a lot of our homework is based) contributes to embedding learning and helps with long term memory, which is important for recall (for example, in examination situations).  For more information, we base much of our research upon the work of the 'Learning Scientists'

All of our homework is issued on 'Show my Home work'  The easiest way for students to login is to use the Office 365 option.  This will be the same login as what they use for email.  Students are also issued a Show My Homework login.  It would be helpful if you are able to support them with this. In addition, it is important as parents that we are able to support our children in completing homework in the following ways:

  • Allow them a quiet space to complete any homework.  It is helpful if this is supervised.  Some young people may try to pull the wool over our eyes!
  • Ensure that  they complete their homework before any recreational activities.
  • Offer them regular breaks - ensure that they are hydrated, and eating sensibly
  • Where possible, allow them supervised access to a computer.

At Bristol Brunel, we are aware that families have different schedules and challenges.  To alleviate any issues around homework we have created a system of support where students can attend before school, at lunch and after school.  These sessions are subject specific, year group specific or generic, dependent on need. 


For further information regarding homework at Bristol Brunel Academy, please contact your child's tutor in the first instance.

Simon Jones

Assistant Principal - Outcomes

Bristol Brunel Academy


We also have a dedicated Student Homework page, this has useful info for you to explore.  Please click here to access this page.

Please note: If students are selected for school sports teams they risk this selection by not completing their homework, or indeed poor behaviour.  Please can parents support the academy in discussing this message with their children.


Follow this link:  Homework System Update


Exam Support

Exams can be very stressful for students, please see the below guide for parents and carers.  The guide offers tips and resources to enable you to assist your child through the exams.

Parent Revision Guide

There is a dedicated page to exams for students.  Please click here to access this page.