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There are several ways you can get in contact with us:


Speedwell Road 
BS15 1NU


Tel: 01173772700

Fax: 01173772701

For General Enquiries please contact Sue Limb (PA to the Principal) on



Staff Contact Details:    


If using mobile phone, scroll to the right for email addresses

Mr J Jones Principal
Mrs V Boynton Vice Principal
Mr S Jones Assistant Principal
Miss J Cusack Assistant Principal
Miss R Owen Assistant Principal
Mrs L Roscoe Associate Assistant Principal
Mr R Collis Associate Assistant Principal
Mr E Thomas Associate Assistant Principal
Mrs L Coles SENDCo/Associate Assistant Principal
Miss R Curtis Associate Assistant Principal
Mr C Clements Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Limb Senior Operations Manager
Ms L Smith Administration
Mrs S Smith Administration
Mrs J Walmsley Administration
Mrs D Drake Reception
Mrs K Halls Administration
Mrs C Mullin Administration
Miss C Kilford Administration
Miss R Naish Finance Assistant
Miss A Day Finance Assistant
Mrs J Baker Data Officer
Mrs A Fairweather Data Administrator
Ms P Purchase Timetabler
Mrs N Lippiatt Exams Officer
Mr C Jordan Careers and Employability Coach
Ms S Akhtar Attendance Officer
Mrs A Watkins Librarian
Mr S Webb Senior Cover Supervisor
Mrs H Tazaoui Cover Supervisor
Mr S Ahmed IT
Mrs C Wheeler Year 7 Pastoral Year Leader
Mr T Sanday Year 7 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs V Shaw Year 7 Achievement Year Leader
Mrs S Fan Year 8 Pastoral Year Leader
Mr I Jones Year 8 Achievement Year Leader
Miss M Jacquel Year 8/9 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mr J Reid Year 9 Pastoral Year Leader
Mr I Slocombe Year 9 Achievement Year Leader
Mr C Hall Year 10 Pastoral Year Leader
Mr J Sterling Year 10 Achievement Year Leader
Mrs D Zagani Year 11 Pastoral Year Leader
Mr T Leahy Year 11 Achievement Year Leader
Mrs L Coles SENDCo/Associate Assistant Principal
Miss E Herrington Leader of Learning Support
Miss N Curley HLTA
Mrs K McMatson HLTA
Ms S Wesley-Weeks HLTA
Mr M Yusuf LSA
Mr J Walker LSA
Mr E Ripley LSA
Miss L Phillips LSA
Mrs K Bingham LSA
Miss J Slepickova LSA
Mr M Wild LSA
Mr C Clements Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Elbsury Leader of Personalised Learning Centre
Miss C Drake PLC Learning Mentor
Miss L Sibbald PLC Learning Mentor
Mr O Russell LSA
Ms K Bignell LSA
Mrs Z Chowdhury Student Counsellor
Ms L Hubbard Student Counsellor




Mr D Busby Curriculum Leader - Maths
Mr J Fraser Deputy Curriculum Leader - Maths
Ms T Coke Deputy Curriculum Leader - Maths
Mr L Day Lead Practitioner - Maths
Mr T Leahy Teacher - Maths
Mr S Thompson Teacher - Maths
Mrs A Peers Teacher - Maths
Mrs D Bush Teacher - Maths
Mrs V Shaw Teacher - Maths
Mr L De Roemer Teacher - Maths
Miss J Cicero Teacher - Maths
Miss H Roebuck Teacher - Maths
Mr J Hall Teacher - Maths
Mrs J Godsall Curriculum Leader - English
Ms Z Highet Deputy Curriculum Leader
Miss M Camwell Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr D Bunker Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mrs L Williams Lead Practitioner - English
Miss M Siddiqui Teacher - English
Miss H Walker Teacher - English
Mr R Collis Teacher - English
Ms K Rolfe Teacher - English
Ms D Minns Teacher - English
Ms B Rogerson Teacher - English
Miss A Livingstone Teacher - English
Miss N Ridgway Teacher - English
Miss A Bracey Teacher - English
Mr A Buck Curriculum Leader - Science
Mr J Rogers Deputy Curriculum Leader
Miss R Curtis Teacher - Science
Mr I Jones Teacher - Science
Mr N Rutter Teacher - Science
Mr M Smerdon Teacher - Science
Mr P Gandon Teacher - Science
Mr G Campbell Teacher - Science
Miss E Baker Teacher - Science
Mr W Trick Teacher - Science
Mrs N McCready Science Technician
Mrs L Williams Science Technician
Mrs L Miles Curriculum Leader - Languages
Miss L Roberts Teacher - Languages
Miss K Spicer Teacher - Languages
Miss E Williams Teacher - Languages
Mr D Bunnell Curriculum Leader - Humanities
Mrs C de Klein Curriculum Leader - Geog.
Mr D Lynett Teacher - Humanities
Mrs L Roscoe Teacher - Humanities
Mr A Howard Teacher - Humanities
Mrs L Coles Teacher - Humanities
Miss A Pearce Teacher - Humanities.  PSHE
Mr E Thomas Teacher - Humanities
Miss J Lanham-Cook Teacher - History
Mr M Wignall Curriculum Leader
Mr J Ferguson Curriculum Leader - Tech
Mrs N Soper Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr H Solari Teacher - Technology
Miss A Simmons Teacher - Technology
Mr J Sterling Teacher - Business
Mrs N Atkinson Teacher - Computing
Mr J Mead Teacher - Computing
Miss S Wilton Teacher - D&T
Ms E Knight Food Technician
Mr J Ruddle Technology Technician
Mr S Clarke Curriculum Leader
Mrs A Shaw Deputy Curriculum Leader - Drama
Miss L Harry Deputy Curriculum Leader - Drama
Mr S Bates Teacher - Music
Mrs R Taylor-Evans Deputy Curriculum Leader - Expressive Arts
Mrs K Heath Teacher - Art
Miss S Wilton Teacher - Art
Ms C Scholefield Art and Photography Technician
Miss T Paisey Curriculum Leader - PE
Mrs V Payton Deputy Curriculum Leader - PE
Mr G O'Driscoll Deputy Curriculum Leader - PE Geraint.O'
Mr I Slocombe Teacher - PE
Miss L Cording Enrichment Coordinator/Teacher
Ms J Chaplin Teacher - PE
Mr A Heath Teacher - PE
Mrs K Guy Teacher - PE
Miss J Cusack Teacher - PE
Mr J Reilly Teacher - PE
Miss R Owen Teacher - PE



YEAR 7    
7NRU Mr N Rutter
7HRO Miss H Roebuck
7EWI Ms E Williams
7DBU Mr D Bunker
7JPF Mr J Fraser
7TPA Miss T Paisey
7LDA Mr Day
7STH Mr Thompson
7GCA Mr G Campbell
YEAR 8    
8DAB Mr D Bunnell
8JLC Miss J Lanham-Cook
8KSP Miss K Spicer
8LDR Mr L De Roemer
8TCO Ms T Coke
8ZHI Ms Z Highet/Miss D Minns
8GDR Mr G O'Driscoll Geraint.O'
8CDK Mrs C de Klein
YEAR 9    
9AHE Mr A Heath/Mr J Reilly
9HSO Mr H Solari
9HWA Miss H Walker
9LCR Miss L Cording
9LWI Mrs L Williams
9MSM Mr M Smerdon
9WTR Mr W Trick
9AHW Mr A Howard
YEAR 10    
10APR Mrs A Peers
10ASI Miss A Simmons
10JCI Miss J Cicero
10JRG Mr J Rogers
10LHA Miss L Harry
10RTA Mrs R Taylor-Evans
10SWI Miss S Wilton
10ALV Miss A Livingstone
YEAR 11    
11JGO Mrs J Godsall
11MCA Miss M Camwell
11ABU Mr A Buck
11JFE Mr J Ferguson
11LMI Mrs L Miles
11MWI Mr M Wignall
11DLY Mr D Lynett
11DBY Mr D Busby