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Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell was chosen to represent one of the four houses at Bristol Brunel Academy (BBA) following her outstanding achievements within medicine and her admirable qualities as a role model for BBA students.

Born near Bristol in 1821, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to receive a medical degree in the USA in 1847. Alongside her sister, she treated wounded and injured soldiers in the American Civil War, despite strong opposition from male colleagues. She opened her own medical practices in New York (1852) and in London (1871) where she taught, trained and inspired other female doctors to follow in her footsteps. Elizabeth retired from medicine in 1877 to work as a social and moral reformer, co-founding the National Health Society. She spent many of her final years travelling across Europe promoting Christian morality with science and medicine, before passing away in 1910.Her ambition and success has inspired many generations of female doctors to pursue medical careers and achieve the once believed ‘impossible dream’. 



Be the first to do the impossible


House Captains



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House Captains: The House captain team consists of two house captains and two deputy house captains, selected by the heads of house. These students represent the collective ethos of the house system, whilst promoting the individual values and celebrating the personal success of each house. Their role entails leading house competitions, liaising with students in their house to present ideas within the school council, working with Key Stage 3 tutor groups through a mentoring system, contributing towards assemblies and being a consistent role model around the academy.

Assemblies: Assemblies take place every term. They are designed to share success with the rest of the house, encourage team work and prepare for upcoming events. The main aim is to ensure that all students feel they have an identifiable and secure place within the Academy whilst also focusing on raising student attainment, developing a sense of healthy competition through motivating students and creating a sense of shared identity, culture and values.

House Competition: The House system promotes and celebrates student success. When a student makes excellent progress in their development, shows excellent habits of behaviour or learning, or makes a positive contribution to the Academy and its wider community, they will be rewarded with House Points. Blackwell takes a lead on any cancer related events such as Macmillan Cake Sale, as it resembles the values of Blackwell house and is linked to our house charity, CLIC Sargent. The CLIC Sargent charity was nominated by Blackwell house captains and was chosen to represent Blackwell house by its students. House captains will organise and lead fundraising events and activities throughout the year to support their house charities. 

House Values: Blackwell House concentrates on developing an ethos of care for people who are sick and unwell and require medical treatment and support. This presents itself in the form of volunteering work, fundraising, charity work and active citizenship within their House. Blackwell house has an official charity; CLIC Sargent - a local charity in Bristol that supports young people and children not only locally but all over the UK. This charity is also linked to Blackwell’s head of house who has personally experienced the exceptional work of CLIC Sargent. We raise money for these charities by holding non uniform days and doing other events such as collect the coppers and ‘Wig Wednesday’ activities.

CLIC Sargent was formed in 2005 by the combination of two former cancer charities within Bristol. Their mission is to “change what it means to be diagnosed with cancer when you’re young”. They aim to provide the best support, treatment and care for young cancer sufferers, whilst extending their efforts to support the families of those living with cancer emotionally, practically and financially. One of their main ambitions is to provide ‘normal life’ experiences for those young people who are living with cancer, which presents many ideas and opportunities for Blackwell students to fundraise and support the charity.