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The roles and responsibilities for members of SLT are tightly linked to the five Core Aims. Progress towards each Core Aim is measured every 50 and 100 days. Whilst there are other aspects of responsibility for each member of SLT, the key priority is to achieve the Core Aims and mobilise Project Teams to accelerate improvement.

There are a series of Leadership principles that guide how SLT are expected to exhibit:

  1. To balance strong, traditional line management to inspire, support and challenge improvement, with a deep investment in releasing potential through supporting and developing collaboration through networks. It is in these wide and diverse groups that projects and conversations enable the Academy to be agile and dynamic; enabling the academy to do things differently and create the future.
  2. Generate and secure urgency for improvement, by linking to WHY and describing the outcome to be achieved – the vision.
  3. Lead through others: as leaders we set direction and destination and support others to find the HOW and the WHAT. We create vertical influence and opportunity for staff.
  4. Leaders should seek to have a 1.8 to 2.3 level of impact.
  5. We grow bright spots – positive deviant behaviours that already exist in the Academy – we connect staff to share good practice to generate greater consistency.
  6. We are academic, professional and rigorous with what we do. We have a wide perspective, informed through research to measure what we do – we do more of what works.
  7. Keep it simple; nothing should be more complicated than it needs to be. Academy improvement is about getting a few things right and not straying from our core purpose.

The Core Academy Aims | Our BIG Opportunity

The Core Aims are designed to enable the academy to strive for a level of excellence and meticulousness that transforms the lives of all students; getting every day right whilst connecting and collaborating with others to create an outstanding future.


To create an Academy that over-achieves and does things differently so that students, staff and families are empowered and successful; an organisation that gets everyday and every lesson right because it delivers the core tasks efficiently and simply.  Ensuring that we release potential; inspiring, supporting and challenging all to take ownership and responsibility for our improvement. A place where we connect with others to enable deliberate risk taking, creativity and innovation. Creating a buzz of conversation, thinking and feedback that allows the academy to not settle, to evolve and to do things differently; developing outstanding teaching, processes and practices across all that we do. Allowing us to stay ahead, to create the future and be agile and dynamic enough to build a reputation for meshing management and leadership together; creating new possibilities and futures for all who connect with our Academy.

Core Aim One | Academy Improvement | Vice Principal 

The BIG OPPORTUNITY: To ensure high expectations support and challenge every student and member of staff takes responsibility, performs and feels success. Evaluate deeply, over-time and with wide sustained involvement to secure improvement that is owned and achieved by every team and individual. To get the core practices right, everyday and in every lesson by evaluating, refining and sharing practice. Use our growing understanding of our strengths (and weaknesses) and what causes impact to spread practice, embed strong strategies and trigger further creativity and innovation. Tweaking all the time to anticipate and create our future; leading through others to work at our leading edge securing our future and leaving a legacy. We will know we have achieved our opportunity when…

  1. Academy Evaluation triggers improvement, is timely, systematic, owned by Teams and inspection ready.
  2. High quality meetings and Line management, supports and challenges all Teams to take responsibility for continuous improvement. Project teams and wide collaboration provide a depth and rigour within the Core Aims. Building a collaborative, creative and innovative ethos.
  3. Rigorous performance management rewards and secures progression and improvement. High expectations are maintained, supported and challenged.
  4. The internal and external scrutiny supports and challenges academy improvement. The Academy Council is well informed, enabling it to support and challenge the academy.

Core Aim Two | Teaching and Learning | Assistant Principal 

The BIG OPPORTUNITY: To secure teaching habits and practices that are typically outstanding. Ensuring that all teaching focuses on progress over time, teaching to depth and re-doing and redrafting that uses deliberate and targeted feedback. To reward the typical quality of teaching, placing less emphasis on short observations. To build a culture of connection and collaboration that shares best practices, has open-doors and creates the time, space and ethos for staff to take risks, be creative and innovative. Secure a strong reputation for leading research and development of teaching and learning that influences beyond our Academy. To investigate the key strategies that will allow us to close gaps, extend the most able and secure a depth of oracy, literacy and numeracy. We will know we have achieved our opportunity when…

  1. An outstanding culture of professional learning (CPD), connects and develops staff to lead and improve.
  2. Typically outstanding teaching, secures good progress over time and outstanding outcomes.  Teaching demonstrates high levels of subject, exam and syllabus knowledge such that threshold concepts are recognised and feedback is targeted and intelligent.
  3. Teaching closes gaps in attainment for groups of students; particularly Pupil Premium, SEN, and the Most Able. Awareness of groups is high and teaching actively closes gaps.
  4. Teaching embeds literacy, numeracyoracy and stretches the most able; these are well embedded, demonstrating high expectation and aspiration.

Core Aim Three | Academy Performance | Assistant Principal 

The BIG OPPORTUNITY: To ensure that students achieve qualifications that secure pathways and future success. To lead the way in the development of teaching and learning practices that enable students to perform in external exams. Apply the principles of deliberate practice… being diagnostic, delivering feedback that closes gaps enabling students to make at least good progress to fully prepare for assessment and testing. To embed Intervention strategies as normal practice; steal and develop innovative approaches to raising standards. Continue to build a curriculum that is traditional and focused on enabling students to gain the grades they need in the facilitating subjects, whilst supporting success across a breadth of subjects. We will know we have achieved our opportunity when…

  1. Outstanding KS4 and Post-16 Attainment; enables students make rapid progress in all subjects; attainment is above national.
  2. Outstanding Progress 7-13; allows all groups of students to make good levels of progress. Class-level tracking is particularly important in securing progress and outcomes across all subjects in every classroom.
  3. An inclusive, enabling and personalised curriculum ensures all students make good progress and feel success.
  4. Rigorous Assessment Cycles Year 7 to 13 enables improved assessment, diagnostics, feedback, reporting and deliberate practice that accelerates student progress

Core Aim Four | Academy Ethos | Assistant Principal 

The BIG OPPORTUNITY: To have and secure high expectations of all students (and staff). Build pastoral care that is outstanding and strengthen the Academy’s reputation for the personal support and development of all students. Embed an aspirational and academic culture that inspires and ensures students value academic progress and the need to plan fully for their future. Ensure a greater sense of belonging for students. Improve both attendance and punctuality so that it becomes a source of pride and a reflection of our success. Embed the House system that creates a sense of competition and a structure that rewards and values student achievement. Establish a set of values that underpin all that the Academy does and believes in. We will know we have achieved our opportunity when…

  1. Outstanding and consistent pastoral care supports students to be aspirational and ambitious about their future. Whilst barriers to learning are removed there is a clear and deliberate focus on learning and making progress.
  2. There are strong academic and personal values; and a motivating House system embedded into daily life.
  3. Good Attendance and punctuality allows students to take advantage of every lesson and opportunity.
  4. The Academy has a growing external reputation, influence and connection with the community and wider.

Core Aim Five | Post-16 Performance | Assistant Director Post-16 

The BIG OPPORTUNITY: To use high expectations and support from the wider CLF Post-16 leadership team to ensure attainment and achievement of students improves year on year; securing passes at AS and A2 of >95% and 100%. To develop the curriculum to support students to follow personalised pathways and to feel more success. Build a stronger emphasis on employability and focus IAG to support students into their future. Provide collaboration and CPD that secures typically good and outstanding teaching. Evolve evaluation at Post-16 that enables a clear view of strengths and weaknesses in teaching and provision so that intervention is timely and has impact. Grow the numbers at Post-16 along with our outward and inward reputation for Post-16. We will know we have achieved our opportunity when…

  1. Academy Evaluation triggers improvement that is timely, systematic, owned by Teams and inspection ready.
  2. Typically outstanding teaching, secures good progress over time and outstanding outcomes.  An outstanding culture of professional learning (CPD), connects and develops staff to lead and improve.
  3. Outstanding Post-16 Performance (Attainment and progress) (inc. PIXL 6); ensures students make rapid progress in all subjects.
  4. Post-16 curriculum provides pathways that ensure students are on appropriate courses, make  good progress, and feel success.
  5. Outstanding student support enables students to be aspirational and ambitious about their future; students experience strong CEIAG and develop employability skills. Good attendance and punctuality allow students to take advantage of every lesson.