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I am very proud to be the Chair of the Bristol Brunel Academy Council and really enjoy the opportunity to work with a strong team in supporting the school on its journey to outstanding. 

As Chair, I am appointed by my employer - one of the CLF's sponsors, UWE Bristol. In my day job I am the Student Experience Research Manager, supporting a large strategic project focused on improving students' experience at university through teaching, creating strong cohort identities and ensuring that everything we do is focused on supporting students. I am the Lead for Widening Participation and  I pay particular attention to the different experiences and outcomes for students for whom university may create additional challenges or barriers. 

I have a particulal interest in educational research and the evidence bases we use to make decisions. Both at work and within the school I try to help colleagues to use good sources of evidence to decide on appropriate courses of action and to evaluate activities to ensure we are making as much progress as we can. 

Suzanne Carrie  Chair, Bristol Brunel Academy Council

Academy council Members 


Similar to a Governing Body, the role of the Academy Council is primarily to support and scrutinise the activities of the Academy to ensure the highest standards are achieved for students and staff alike. Each Academy Council plays a full role in monitoring the delivery of outstanding teaching across the Federation. We are very fortunate to have on the Bristol Brunel Academy Council  a dedicated team of colleagues from a range of backgrounds who are passionate about supporting the Academy.

Jon Jones, Principal




Sally Apps, Executive Principal/Senior Principal







Sophie Palmer  Support Staff Councillor

I have worked at BBA since it opened in 2007 and before that was a teacher of history at Speedwell Technology College. I teach history and classical civilisation at BBA and politics as part of the CLF Post-16. Since 2014 I have been head of Patch House, having previously taken a lead on gifted and talented provision. In addition to my responsibilities at BBA I was appointed Honorary Education Officer for Bristol Rugby in 2013, working with the Bristol Rugby Academy in a voluntary capacity.

I established the BBA student council in 2014 and am a passionate advocate of student voice in the academy.

Geoff Pugh, Student Representative

I studied mechanical engineering and subsequently got a job within the manufacturing industry for two and a half years. After a change in direction, I'm now a consultant for a large accountancy firm, working as an analyst within the operational excellence division... but I still call myself an engineer!!

I was fortunate enough to get involved in STEM while working as an engineer, promoting Science Technology Engineering and Maths, which I really enjoyed. After changing job I was given the opportunity to help schools in a different way, and I decided to become a councillor.

Outside of work I'm a keen sportsman and would play almost anything I can get involved in, particularly enjoying racket sports and football. Also I'm very much into a little MX5 project I have begun with a friend, turning a humble little sports car into a track car ready to take on the best! We hope to complete this over the winter and bring it to the Nurburgring next year to see how we do!

Christopher Huey, Sponsor Councillor

I am a mum of two boys who both attended BBA and have left in recent years.   I became a school governor at their infants’ school and have become interested and enjoyed being part of their schools journey of improvement.   I have been on the school council at BBA for nearly seven years now, there have been many changes and I continue to see improvements.   I have a particular interest in teaching and learning and support and challenge the school in its journey to outstanding.  

I feel it is important that all our children have the opportunities in school to help them reach their full potential, whatever that may be. I live and work locally and take pride in hearing the good things that the students of BBA are achieving.

In my spare time I enjoy running and going to a good music gig.

Nicola Pearce, Sponsor Councillor

I am Director of a business/technical engineering practice which specialises in R&D and commercialisation of advanced materials worldwide.

I’ve been a governor in Bristol since 2009 and until 2015, was Chair of Governors for Woodstock School (SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) Primary) and Bristol Gateway School (SEMH Secondary.)  I am currently Vice Chair of Governors for St. Paul’s Nursery and Children’s Centre and also a Director of Bristol Early Years Teaching Consortium.

I am very proud to be a Councillor for Bristol Brunel Academy.  My focus will be on SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and I will support where I can to ensure that the great work at Bristol Brunel Academy is targeting the needs of students.

My background and experience provides insight into school business management and improvement.  I have a particular interest in supporting my local community and education of young people.

David Forrest. Sponsor Councillor

Christelle Pellicuer, Sponsor Councillor

Emma McAvoy.  Sponsor Councillor

Rahana Davis, Parent Councillor

Lensford Richards, Parent Councillor

Suzanne Burns, Clerk

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