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Welcome from the Principal

At Bristol Brunel we strive for excellence in every aspect of the Academy. We are an ambitious and inspiring Academy where students feel safe to learn and grow. Students understand that we have high expectations in every aspect of their academy life from their uniform to the quality of their work. This commitment to excellence is what develops students to achieve more than they may have thought possible. We are relentless in our approach to improving the standard of teaching; this means that students receive typically good and outstanding teaching every day.

Teaching at Bristol Brunel inspires students with a passion for learning and allows them to feel success in every lesson. We believe in a traditional curriculum where students achieve success in English, Maths and Science alongside a broad range of other subjects. Our year teams consist of an Achievement Year Leader working with a non-teaching Pastoral Year Leader; this combination supports students with their social and emotional needs as well as their academic success. Students also benefit from high quality tutoring in horizontal tutor groups as well as a house system where students enjoy healthy competition in sport, the arts and academic subjects. Visitors comment upon the ethos and atmosphere of the Academy, we have clear boundaries and rules that enable a calm and purposeful atmosphere.

Students behave well and feel safe in an inspirational learning environment. Bristol Brunel is an important part of the Cabot Learning Federation, which is transforming the quality of education in this area of Bristol and beyond. The depth of support that this provides and the level of resource available to the Academy is accelerating improvement and innovation. From the outstanding teaching and support staff to the excellent leadership team and our inspirational students we all share a deep commitment to making Bristol Brunel the centre of excellence that your child deserves. We look forward to welcoming you to Bristol Brunel.

Mr J Jones - Principal

Academy Vision

The Academy over-achieves and does things differently so that students, staff and families are empowered and successful; creating new possibilities and futures for all who connect with our Academy. To build an Academy that releases potential in all students; inspiring, supporting and challenging all to take ownership and responsibility for their learning and their future. Remove limits on what is possible; ensuring that all believe that with effort comes success. A sustained focus on the quality of teaching makes the most of every lesson, every day. A traditional curriculum and pathways ensure that students achieve well in all subjects; opening doors to their future. The highest expectations and standards create a professional and purposeful atmosphere that supports and inspires all students to achieve. Outstanding pastoral care removes barriers to learning and supports students to develop personally into individuals that make significant contributions to their community and beyond.

You provide strong and confident leadership and a clear sense of direction and ambition. Your detailed self-evaluation accurately identifies the school’s strengths and the areas that need to improve further. You have the full support of the staff and strong leaders. A culture of ambition in the school is helping to improve standards and outcomes for pupils. Governors are well informed and provide you with a good balance of support and challenge.

(Ofsted, 2017)