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Stranger Alert - Advice on how to be safe.

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Advice for Students and Parents.

Following recent reports of incidents near local academies, please would you take a few minutes to read this very important advice. 

  • Where possible students should walk home with someone else.
  • If approached by someone in a vehicle, e.g to ask directions, they should stay well back from the vehicle. 
  • There is absolutely no requirement to speak to anyone in a car or otherwise if they do not want to.
  • If sensing any danger students should always run and find help rather than wait to see what happens. 
  • Going into a nearby shop, cafe, even an office block to ask for help are all acceptable ways to avoid danger if they are ever spooked by the behaviour of a motorist or passer by. 
  • Avoid wearing head phones or head sets that could effect your ability to hear people or vehicles approaching.
  • Report any suspicious circumstances to the police and / or BBA

Of course such instances are rare but they do happen occasionally, and it’s important to look after ourselves and each other, by being alert to risks and knowing how we might handle them if they were to arise.

If you feel that you are in danger phone 999, which is free from any any phone.