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Exam Guidance - How to help?

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For Parents and Carers of Year 11 Students.

How can you help?

Examinations can be a difficult time for 15/16 year olds and, in turn, a challenging time for adults supporting them. 

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, the following aims to offer some guidance:

Full attendance is vital during the examination period.  Unfortunately, learners will not be able to sit exams after the designated date due to illness or other extenuating circumstances.  Please do contact the academy to discuss any issues as soon as possible on 0117 3772700.

  • Talk to them.  Young people can become quite withdrawn during periods of stress.  From experience, it is very difficult to predict which individuals might find the examination period difficult.  Sometimes everyone needs a shoulder to cry on!
  • Provide them with a quiet space in which to revise/work.
  • Support them in following their revision timetable.  They will need rest breaks; ensure that these are taken regularly.
  • Hydration and a good diet will be important throughout the examination period.  Try to ensure that your child is eating healthily and regularly.
  • Sleep before exams will be more important than last minute ‘cramming’.  Aim to support a regular bedtime routine.  Importantly, try to ensure that any electronic devices are switched off at least an hour before bedtime!
  • Revision is key.  Encourage them to focus upon retrieval practice techniques that we have discussed in school.  They may have produced flash cards – try to find the time to test them on these.  Remind them to focus on areas of the exam that they find difficult; every mark counts at this stage.


There are a number of documents written by us/external parties linked below which may be useful in further supporting you/your child:


We hope that this information helps.  We are experienced, between us, in working with year 11 students and their parents through exam periods.  If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact the academy:

Simon Jones, Assistant Principal