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An intelligent, science revision program.

Dear Parent/ Carer,

I am pleased to inform you that your child has been set up with a trial Tassomai account.  Tassomai is an intelligent, science revision program that learns where students need support and tailors its quizzes accordingly.  Most importantly it is tailored to the Edexcel combined and separate science courses that students will be sitting at the end of year 11.   

If you were to sign up for this program individually it would cost £38.25 a month to run, however as a science department we have been able to secure it for a one of price of £17 for the whole of the 18/19 academic year.  However to be able to run the program successfully we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £10, otherwise we will be unable to offer the use of Tassomai beyond the trial. 

We strongly believe that Tassomai will boost students chances of success, shown by the comparison of 2017 national results.    This shows that completing 80% of the Tassomai course before the year 11 exams has increased the proportion of students getting a C (now a 4) by over 20% and An A/A* (7 or above) by almost 30%.

Here is a link to the website so you can have a look at the rational and reviews for yourself  

If you want to secure this for your child for next year, could any contributions (split contributions are fine if £10 is too much in one go) please be in before the end of the year, so we know not to cancel their trials.

If you have any further Tassomai questions feel free to email me at


Your sincerely 


Mr A Buck

Deputy Curriculum Leader of Science.