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The latest news from Bristol Brunel Academy

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  • Notice of temporary increase to Published Admission Number (PAN) from 216 to 232 students from 2017

    Published 27/02/17
    To All Stakeholders Re: Notice of temporary increase to Published Admission Number (PAN) from 216 to 232 students from 2017 Bristol Brunel Academy will be temporarily increasing the Published Admission Number (PAN) from 216 to 232 stu
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  • Stranger Alert - Advice on how to be safe.

    Published 22/03/17

    Advice for Students and Parents.

    Safety advice for Students - How to be safe. 

    Please would you take a few minutes to read this very important advice. 

    • Where possible students should walk home with someone else.
    • If approached by someone in a vehicle, e.g to ask directions, they should stay well back from the vehicle. 
    • There is absolutely no requirement to speak to anyone in a car or otherwise if they do not want to.
    • If sensing any danger students should always run and find help rather than wait to see what happens. 
    • Going into a nearby shop, cafe, even an office block to ask for help are all acceptable ways to avoid danger if they are ever spooked by the behaviour of a motorist or passer by. 

    Of course such instances are rare but they do happen occasionally, and it’s important to look after ourselves and each other, by being alert to risks and knowing how we might handle them if they were to arise.


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  • Blood Brothers Trip - Important information

    Published 21/03/17

    Thank you for giving permission for your child to attend the trip to the Bristol Hippodrome to watch a performance of Blood Brothers on Wednesday 12th of April. As this is during the school holidays, students must be at school for 13:00 so that they can be registered and be on the coach for a timely departure. A rough outline for the day:

    • 13:00 Students meet at school to be registered.
    • 13:30 Coach departs to Bristol Hippodrome.
    • 14:00 Coach arrives at Hippodrome.
    • 14:30 Blood Brothers production begins.
    • 17:15 Blood Brothers production ends.
    • 17:30 Coach departs to BBA.
    • 18:00 Students arrive at BBA.

    Other important information:

    • Uniform: Students do not need to wear school uniform but we expect them to be appropriately dressed.  
    • Mobile Phones: Mobile phones prohibited during the production.
    • Writing materials: If your child has their own notebook or writing materials, this would be very useful. 
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  • Barcelona Trip - Year 8 and 9: October 2017 - now open to Year 7 too. 10 spaces available. 

    Published 13/03/17

    The Languages department are organising a seven day trip to Barcelona in October 2017, from Saturday 21st October until Friday 27th October 2017.

    The purpose of the trip is to visit the main sites in Barcelona as well as, give students the opportunity to experience the culture and customs of Spain while learning something of its rich and varied history.

    For more details and a copy of the letter that was sent home to parents please click here.

    Total cost for the trip is £509, £100 deposit to be paid by Friday 24th February 2017.

    Update:  The trip is now open to Year 7 too and there are 10 spaces available. So students from Year 7, 8 and 9 can still book a space.  Please print and sign the letter above and return to Reception asap, or you can pick up a letter from Reception.


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  • Year 8 and Year 9 Options Evening - Thursday 30th March 2017

    Published 10/03/17
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  • Year 11 Parents Evening - Thursday 23rd March 2017 

    Published 10/03/17

    To book an appointment please click here.

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  • British Science Week 10th - 19th March

    Published 09/03/17

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  • We raised £1,091.90 from the non uniform day. Thank you for your support!  

    Published 10/02/17
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  • Staff at Bristol Brunel Academy enjoying World Book Day 2017

    Published 17/01/17

    Staff and Students made a fantastic effort choosing to dress up as their favourite book characters.

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  • Paris Trip 2017

    Published 05/01/17

    The Languages Department are organising a five day trip to Paris in July 2017.  For more details and the letter that was sent home to parents please click here.

    A collective (or group) passport is a way for an organised group of young people to make a trip to certain European countries.  The academy will need to obtain a Nationality questionnaire and consent form.  The Nationality questionnaire and consent form (‘CPNQ’ form) must be filled in by the person who can give consent for the child to travel.  Please click on the relevant link below to download the questionnaire.  This will need to be handed in to the Academy for the attention of Mrs Miles.

    Collective passport nationality questionnaire and parental consent form for children born in the UK

    Collective passport nationality questionnaire and parental consent for children born outside the UK



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  • Year 7 Summer Camp - Exmouth June 2017

    Published 14/12/16

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  • A guide to understanding Year 11 reports

    Published 01/12/16
    For all subjects, Bristol Brunel Academy will provide students and parents with a target grade, current grade and a predicted grade.
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